29 April 2021

Arpa Industriale will participate at Interzum @home, where it will digitally showcase newest developments for the two souls of the company: Arpa high-quality surfaces and FENIX, innovative materials for interior design.

Arpa will present the Interzum Award “Best of the Best” winner Bloom core technology for Arpa HPL and FENIX NTM®. This lignin-based technology has been introduced to significantly reduce the amount of phenol included in the thermosetting resin by 50%.

Arpa HPL Bloom is offered for a selection of 36 plain colour, 8 of them being recently introduced. All available in three distinctive different finishes (Erre, Lucida, and Kér). FENIX NTM Bloom is available in four colours, specifically developed to be offered with this technology.

Interzum Award winner VIS will also be on display. VIS is an engineered surface with mineral components that significantly increase wear resistance and organic components that enhance the tactile experience of the textures. This technology launched in combination with 20 exclusive decors and is the result of a two-year R&D project.

The Arpa high-quality surface offer is also enriched with the Premium Collection, What’s New for 2021-2022 and Colour Matching Core Collection.

Visit us at Interzum @home or click here to know more.