• Colour Matching Core
    Colour Matching Core

An alluring selection of decors
offered with a corresponding colour core

A collection that gives freedom to create furniture and design elements with the same colour throughout or with a refined aesthetic match between decor and core in combination with sophisticated textures.
These surfaces give a sense of three-dimensional continuity, versatility to work the material without the need of edge-banding and greater design freedom through CNC engraving.
Available in 1, 1.2, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm thickness.

Colour Matching Core Decors

The decors in the Colour Matching Core collection are original and refined.
A selection made of classic Plain Colours, nature-inspired Woodgrains, versatile Stones and unexpected Patterns.

Inspiring Pairings
Discover intriguing colour matching core combinations
Inspiring Pairings

Distinctive Finishes

Arpa’s premium finishes interpret in a unique way the material dimension of laminates, enriching décor combinations.
Here 4 of the 8 captivating finishes available in the Colour Matching Core collection.