• Getacore

The solid surface material for rethinking spaces.

The acrylic-bonded solid surface material Getacore makes it possible to rethink spaces. Through the extreme formability of the material and optimal sheet dimensions, the limits of design are dissolved.
A broad palette ranging from plain colour shades to vibrant designs emphatically defines the effect and function of your space.

Features & Benefits

Manufactured in Germany, Getacore meets the highest quality standards: it offers long-term durability, outstanding colour consistency and extraordinary dimensional stability, which enables its use as a compound element. That’s why a 10-year warranty for Getacore is offered, if installed by a trained partner.

Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Batch to Batch<br />
Batch to Batch
Perfect size
Perfect size
3 mm elements
3 mm elements
Rethinking Your Spaces
Your Spaces

The Collection

The chromatic universe of Getacore is made up of a rich and varied offering that is designed with the customer in mind. The colour portfolio features a selection of hues running from solid colour tones to elaborated patterns infused with variegated lines to complement a wide range of interior styles and moods.