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Technical information

HPL Technical Information Part 1 Thin
HPL Technical Information Part 2 Solid
HPL Tips for cleaning
HPL light reflectance values

Product data sheets

MPDS Thin Standard
MPDS Thin Silverlam
MPDS Thin Postforming
MPDS Postforming Silverlam
MPDS Thin Color Matching Core
MPDS Thin Digital
MPDS Thin Flooring Grade
MPDS Thin Solid Core
MPDS Thin Unicolor
MPDS Solid Standard
MPDS Solid Color Matching Core
MPDS Solid Silverlam
MPDS Solid Digital
MPDS Solid Multicolor Standard
MPDS Solid Solid Core
MPDS Solid Unicolor
MPDS Magnetico-Lavagna
MPDS Naturalia


ISO9001 Certificate
HPL FSC® Certificate FSC-C115920 | Ask for FSC® certified products
HPL NSF Certificate of Compliance
Emission Classification of Building Materials Class M1
HPL Greenguard Certificate of Compliance
Naturalia NSF Certificate of Compliance
Naturalia Greenguard Certificate of Compliance
FENIX NTM Greenguard Certificate of Compliance

General terms and sales conditions

Arpa Industriale general terms and conditions
Arpa USA general terms and conditions

Corporate information

Company profile
Corporate Presentation
Code of conduct
Organisation management and control model
Sustainability position paper 2014
Sustainability position paper 2013