05 July 2023

Kitchen can turn into the beating heart of your whole home design. Here is where you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends, daily life and special moments by sharing homemade food and good stories. It is a place of convivium and memories. That’s why designing your home kitchen becomes a matter of important choices.  

Let’s start from your preferences and habits. Are you looking for a charming ambient to welcome your guests at stylish big dinners? Or are you more into a cosy space where you and your family can always feel warm and comfortable? According to your aesthetics and needs, Arpa stone and marble décors can accomplish the creation of the kitchen of your dreams.  

For example, Arpa 3482 Samas in Urban finish is a fantastic choice for an elegant and contemporary kitchen where you can fully express your refined taste in food and design. The dark nuance of this stone décor, crossed by subtle white veins, enriches the kitchen island creating a niche of great charm. Named as the Sumerian solar deity, Samas has the ability to enlighten the space with its contrasting look, as well as to show its high performance thanks to VIS technology. Arpa’s VIS are engineered surfaces with mineral components that significantly increase wear resistance and organic essence. Choosing these surfaces for your kitchen allows you to get an extra peace of mind, since VIS décors are designed to be used, cleaned and enjoyed longer. Moreover, this technology enhances the tactile experience of the textures, allowing you and your guests to be embraced by the beauty of dark stone both visually and haptically.  

Another example is Arpa white marble kitchen that, by greatly matching with wood materials and surfaces of earth tones, creates a warm and familiar environment. Evoking the unique aesthetics of Colorado marble, 3449 Yule White décor makes your kitchen luminous and at the same time emphasises the value of comfort thanks to the softness of Kèr finish. This combination of Arpa stone décor and soft finish gives a sense of pleasure to the whole design, welcoming your family in a space of relax and positive feelings. Within a comfortable kitchen, each meal can turn into a chance to spend some good time by yourself or with your beloved ones. Matte, light and trendy, this particular selection among Arpa surfaces provides both intimacy and elegance, maintaining the material’s high performance and strength to freely enjoy your cooking experiments.