22 May 2023

Arpa Industriale high quality surfaces and innovative materials are suitable for multiple areas of applications. Its products are widely used also in exhibition design. Here the company’s attention to aesthetic refinement and innovation, placed at the service of art curation, creates charming and functional spaces. Following are some inspirational contents and projects that show possible applications of Arpa materials within different museums and art exhibitions.  

Photographic gallery inspiration 

Tuet offers interesting inspirations on how Arpa’s Deep Surfaces can give value to a contemporary gallery. The new family of surfaces intensifies the space with depth and movement. Thanks to its ribbed structure, Tuet in particular plays with lights and shadows by making the rigorous study of a photographic gallery elegant and distinctive. In the version Caravella Dark, Tuet’s wood décor, on the walls and central artbook displays, also creates a beautiful contrast with the photographs shown.  

“Posology Humanity’s Time” at Venice Biennale 

In the case of San Marino pavilion at Venice Biennale 2022, Arpa décors become actual part of the artwork. “Posology Humanity’s Time” by the artist Rosa Mundi is an articulated installation which enacts the laboratory of a superior being out of time and space. Revealing the impact of human behaviour in the Anthropocene era and, at the same time, our insignificant existence compared to the power of nature, the installation is enveloped by Arpa Bloom black surfaces in Lucida finish. The use of Bloom Technology enhances the centrality of nature: the Arpa’s award-winning technology is based on lignin and reduces the amount of phenol in the core’s resins by 50%.  

Musme: a medical museum in Padua  

Musme is the first Italian centre dedicated to the dissemination and training in the medical and scientific field. Bulit in 2019 in Padua by Corde Architetti Associati, the museum is designed with FENIX Nero Ingo. The innovative material created by Arpa Industriale is applied to several elements: walls, adjustable partitions, interactive desks, touchscreen stations, exhibition stands and seats. Thanks to its low light reflectivity, soft-touch and anti-fingerprint properties, this dark FENIX tone creates an exhibition design that doesn’t disturb the visitors’ visual experience, as well as extends their pleasure to tactile sensations and makes the space functional and durable.