The decors and finishes available for Arpa’s high-quality surfaces can be combined to create new and dynamic effects and contrasts. A stylish blend that interprets contemporary tastes and plays on unconventional pairings with natural materials.

In this kitchen project, two decors from the VIS collection - ALPAN and EVAN - convey the tactile and material appeal of the surface. ALPAN has been used to cover the table, the drawer fronts and the open modules of the kitchen unit, and reinterprets the natural, elegant essence of walnut wood, with its characteristic grain highlighted by the Alevé finish. EVAN, meanwhile, has been applied to the worktop in the sink area and features a classic ‘terrazzo’ pattern, with its typical irregular design made even more eye-catching and dynamic by the dual matte/polished effect of the Mika finish.

The aesthetic design is rounded off with a sophisticated and modern hint of colour in the ROSA SHADE decor used for the cabinet doors, which feature Bloom technology and a matte finish, Kèr.

Decors used in the project