A kitchen designed for living in with the utmost comfort, all thanks to the skilful combination of Arpa Industriale’s high-quality surfaces, which combine the aesthetic dimension with unrivalled performance in terms of high resistance to shocks, scratches and wear.

In this kitchen project, the two décors from the VIS collection - Samas and Inari - are used in combination with the Maggese décor, which boasts Bloom technology, in the glossy finish.

The kitchen worktops are made from the Samas décor in the Urban finish for both the hob and sink areas, whilst the service worktops on the peninsula and table have been designed with the Inari décor. Samas is inspired by the classic elegance of ‘Port Laurent’ marble and features stunning and distinctive cream, white, bronze and gold veining. Inari features a grain that mimics birch wood and is characterised by the Alevé finish, which enhances its tactile qualities in a way that is similar to natural wood.

The aesthetic blend is rounded off with solid-colour doors in Maggese and a glossy finish, giving the room a splash of light and colour.

Decors used in the project