Transportation design is one of the many areas of application in which Arpa high quality surfaces express the value of an elegant and functional design for interiors. In this environment, two Arpa materials, Rorà and Grigio Argento – belonging respectively to the collections What’s New and Premium – transform a train carriage into a place of charm and comfort.

Rorà is the new Arpa finish inspired by chiselled stone of Bagnolo area in Piedmont. Like any work born from the hands of an artisan, Rorà is always different, changing its appearance according to the time of day. Applied to the walls of the carriage, this changing feature makes the surface captivating in the traveller’s eyes that, other than enjoying the landscape outside the window, can be inspired by the essence of chiselled stone. Moreover, the tactile pleasure of this finish, in contrast with the visual roughness of the stone, gives train passengers a pleasant and welcoming experience.

Here presented with the light décor Smili Gray, Rorà reveals a heterogeneous, opaque and relaxing appearance, which combines well with the glossy uniformity of Arpa Grigio Argento. The plain-coloured surface is enlivened, in fact, thanks to Lucida finish and, between the design of the carriage’s bar counter, seats and walls, Rorà creates a play of delicate contrasts that elevate the train environment with refined originality.


Decors used in the project