An interior project built on two stylistic codes that mutually enhance each other: the elegant classicism of marble and the contemporary force of concrete, interpreted by the two Arpa décors from the VIS collection.

The UMA décor is inspired by the white marble of the Apuan Alps, with an ice-coloured background crossed by thin grey vein patterns, enhanced by the Kèr finish. Applied to the wall coverings and the fronts of the display counter, it gives the environment an atmosphere of ethereal elegance.

LOFN, on the other hand, covers the boiserie and the top of the display counter. The material and rough reimagining of the concrete, emphasized by the Mika finish, adds a contemporary industrial lymph.

The interior design project is completed by the chromatic insertions of the Grigio Viola décor with Bloom technology and the golden accents of the furnishing accessories.

Decors used in the project