An interior project that spreads the natural strength of marble stone to bathroom design, providing horizontal and vertical applications with a creative and sharp taste.

Inspired by Valencian marble extracted from the Santa Magdalena de Polpís quarries, the PULPIS LIGHT décor gives a unique character to the interior design. The dark gray background in contrast with bright white nuances of the veins, transforms the bathroom into a contemporary art canvas that renews the enchantment of observing it at each passing by.

Elegant and vigorous, surfaces are not only art to observe but also to touch. Combined with the opacity of the Kèr finish, the décor adds a pleasant and enveloping tactile experience to the space.

From the washbasin top and fronts to the walls, the bathroom is a complete artwork that involves senses within the softness of ceramic finish and the three-dimensional feature of marble design.

Decors used in the project