Discover new material dimensions with Arpa finishes

Thanks to its constant innovative research, Arpa has developed a wide selection of finishes for its high quality surfaces. Greatly matching with different surface design, including nature-inspired decors and material abstractions, the twenty-three Arpa finishes explore new material dimensions, providing a unique path for interiors through aesthetics and haptics.

Rorà finish

Inspired by the chiselled stone which characterises the Bagnolo area in Piedmont, Italy, Rorà is the finish with unexpected facets, just like every artisan’s work. Its chiselled appearance varies according to the light and its combination with six new decors.
Rough stone at first glance, surprisingly soft and pleasant to the touch.


Tuet finish

The Tuet finish, inspired by Piedmontese reedbeds running along the Tanaro river, highlights the contrast between dark and light. The ribbed reliefs create a soft and wavy tactile path. Tuet is available in combination with two new wood decors: one light, one dark.

Our Premium Finishes

Thanks to continuous innovation, Arpa's finishes interpret in a unique way the material dimension of high-pressure laminates. Here our 6 Premium finishes. Explore them or view all the other finishes.