02 April 2021

Arpa Industriale introduces its Premium Collection, a curated and made-in-Italy selection of high-quality surfaces for interior design. The 208 decors of this collection offer the freedom to design and to be creative through the simplicity of Plain Colours, the natural touch of Woodgrains, the versatility of Stones, the uniqueness of Patterns, and the richness of Metals.

Five Families

The Premium Collection is made by five stylish decor families, combined with an alluring proposal of 23 finishes.

Colorsintesi / Plain Colours: an exclusive palette of 36 colours, enriched by the introduction of 8 brand new hues, and available in Kér and Lucida finishes.

Legni / Woodgrains: an exquisite selection of 50 decors in Alevé, Larix, Naked and Flatting finishes and inspired by noble and precious woods.

Pietre / Stones: a charming collection of 60 natured-inspired stone decors available in Kèr, Mika, Luna, Losa, Urban.

Fantasie / Patterns: an intriguing contamination of fabrics, oxidations and concrete elements give way to 38 decors in Kèr, Urban, Mika, Lucida, Flatting, Tex and Ghibli finishes.

Metalli / Metals: a new selection of 25 metals which gives a bright touch to every project. Available in a mix of 11 finishes that go from satin to matt, shiny to brushed and geometrical patterns. Suitable only for vertical applications.



Distinctive Finishes

Thanks to continuous innovation, Arpa’s finishes interpret in a unique way the material dimension of high-quality surfaces. The Premium Collection offers some of Arpa’s signature finishes:

Alevé: the finish that emphasises the beauty and tactile quality of the wood decors.

Flatting: a classic and elegant finish. Soft and irregular light patterns are reflected on the surface whilst the light embossing makes it pleasant to touch, use and live.

Kèr: tactility at first sight, elegance at first touch. A matte texture that adds sensuous tactility to its unrivalled resistance.

Losa: It is a tribute to the tactile quality of slate stone with a three-dimensional effect of great impact. The finish reproduces the 60-degree inclined cut

Luna: a rough surface, nice to touch, that enhances the decor by reproducing the geometries of stones.

Mika: small “shiny hints” stimulated by light embellish HPL decors.

Urban: sophisticated combination of concrete and stone, a lightweight structure, pleasant to touch.

The Premium Collection is available as make-to-order. Click here to know more about the Premium Collection.