In Sicily an experiential pastry shop invites you to taste the local delicacies amidst plays of daylight by sitting in “little houses” made with Arpa surfaces. 

Born in Caltagirone, the young designer Renato Belluccia belongs to a passionate and creative generation who is committed to making its own land a place where, in addition to the priceless historical heritage, the beauty of the contemporary is also welcomed. Among his projects in the area, “Peccati di Gola” of Gela certainly stands out, turning into a great tourist and local attraction. As the third venue of the pastry shop born in the 70s, Peccati di Gola was commissioned by the Cassarino family and won several awards, gaining the reputation of one of the best pastries in the region. 

But it’s not just the delicacy of its desserts that makes Peccati di Gola a special place. The venue is a journey into Sicilian identity and human nature itself, fickle and ingenious, as the designer tells. From the entrance garden reminiscent of Eden to the seven real trees trunks raising inside as a metaphor for the deadly sins, the black and white marble veins of the counter reflecting the eternal conflict between good and evil, and arabesque sunscreen panels symbolising the firmament that unites men: each element is designed to make this pastry an experience. 

When it’s time to savour their dishes, customers can sit in isolated “houses” that recall those designed by children. It is a series of six-seater benches positioned below sloping structures, which welcome customers into the intimacy of the house’s archetype. For both the benches and the “roofs,” Belluccia used Arpa high-quality surfaces. The wood essence of the décor 4587 Rovere Slavonia makes the environment cosy and inspiring, creating picturesque niches. “The Rovere Slavonia, framed by the 0509 Nero of the edges, has allowed the theme of nature to be developed with very high aesthetic quality and efficient costs,” Belluccia says. The tables inside the houses, made in 4512 Rovere Barrique, give warmth and identity by inviting customers to touch the surface while waiting for their order.  

Peccati di Gola is an experiential journey that changes according to the time of day. A sunscreen structure with mobile sliding doors – made with Homapal gold metallic surfaces – is inspired by the ancient Arab windows, born during the Arab domination in Sicily. Representing the firmament that unites all human beings, this structure makes the sunlight embroidered in ever-changing projections for every hour of the day and every season. A suggestive enveloping natural scenography designed to stimulate well-being. “The customers of the pastry shop,” says the designer, “have called it the Sagrada Mensa.” 

Renato Belluccia
Renato Belluccia

Renato Belluccia absorbs the Sicilian artisanal artistic traditions at the ancient S. Fiume public art institute in Comiso, working terracotta, stone and wood. He completes his training at the IED in Turin, graduating in Interior Design. In 2015 the designer founded his studio in Sicily, focusing on contract, shop, residential and art projects. Belluccia also deals with product design: he creates the handmade “Sciatu lamp”, born from the skeleton of the prickly pear plant, symbol of Sicily, with the characteristic of being lit with a breath (designer’s proprietary technology). He counts numerous exhibitions and publications in design and fashion magazines in Italy and worldwide.