After the experiential project of Peccati di Gola, Sicilian designer Renato Belluccia undertook a new design challenge that enhanced the creative and social development of his native land. Here the application of Arpa high quality surfaces allowed the creation of a functional and impactful interior renovation, with a very tight budget and schedule.

Caffè Svevia is a meeting point on the promenade of Gela: here locals enjoy a break drinking a good coffee and tasting typical pastry products. Thanks to a sophisticated and at the same time warm design, the venue can naturally change from a coffee bar for breakfast and noon snack to an evening lounge for drinks.

The six-person front benches showcase the bold elegance of dark marble with Pulpis Grey décor, which is complemented by a sense of comfort and hospitality thanks to the softness of Kèr finish. In a harmonious dialogue, the vigorous appearance of the benches – with modular feature to accomplish differs hospitality needs – communicates both with the freshness of tables’ white marble laminate and with the intensity of the petrol blue walls. On the walls, Homapal Alu Brushed Coppertone metal surface stands out and, recalling the series of tubular chandeliers, embraces the space with an L-shaped application by covering the ceiling above the seats.

Another requirement for the renovation was to expand the product serving and display area. Within the same square footage, Belluccia designed a counter with large windows that invitingly show the pastries on sale, while offering greater space for customer service. The counter in FENIX Nero Ingo and Homapal Alu Brushed Coppertone gives refinement and an intriguing visual play of opacity and shine.

The introduction of real moss on the walls also increases the material diversity, adding naturalness and a sense of well-being to the room. Belluccia’s project therefore led to a transformable space full of distinct elements where, according to the designer, the careful study of the lights and the relationship between elegance and warmth creates a unique and balanced set.

Renato Belluccia
Renato Belluccia

Renato Belluccia absorbs the Sicilian artisanal artistic traditions at the ancient S. Fiume public art institute in Comiso, working terracotta, stone and wood. He completes his training at the IED in Turin, graduating in Interior Design. In 2015 the designer founded his studio in Sicily, focusing on contract, shop, residential and art projects. Belluccia also deals with product design: he creates the handmade “Sciatu lamp”, born from the skeleton of the prickly pear plant, symbol of Sicily, with the characteristic of being lit with a breath (designer’s proprietary technology). He counts numerous exhibitions and publications in design and fashion magazines in Italy and worldwide.

Decors used in the project