A colour palette that draws on earth nuances guides the texture path of an island kitchen with refined details. Combining the table and the sink area in a multifaceted composition, the island builds a set of different shades and finishes.

From the surface of the table and the cabinet behind it in Rosso Purjai, with Bloom technology and Lucida reflective and soft finish; to the chiselled worktop in the new Rorà finish in Brera Red; till the captivating, ribbed frame of Tuet. A layered design portrait where each surface is a unique aesthetic and tactile experience.

Applied vertically on the front side of the counter, Tuet – the first Deep Surface by Arpa, here in the Caravella Light version – catalyses the eye. It gives both light to the surrounding dark environment and increases the contrast thanks to its “waves”. The surface’s alternation emphasises the intensity of the space and, accompanied by the sinuous shapes of the overlying chandelier, creates a dynamic and contemporary style.