Within the interior setting of an elevator area, Arpa combines the new surfaces Tuet and Rorà with the timeless naturalness of Verde Celadon.

The ribbed texture of the first Deep Surface by Arpa, Tuet, is applied in Caravella Light wood décor on the internal surfaces of the lift and, as a frame of the latter, along the corridor walls. Between one lift and another, Rorà creates a contrast with an enveloping texture and an aesthetic inspired by chiselled stone, here in the light version Smili White.

Characterised by the play of light, these two surfaces bring into dialogue the visual and tactile intensity of different natural elements, which harmonise thanks to the integration of a décor from the Colorsintesi family. The light tone of Verde Celadon, close to turquoise nuances, embraces the other half of the elevator wall.

The choice of having two décors inside the lift creates a pleasant contrast and gives brightness to the environment, emphasising the inspiration from nature and its colours.