Among the latest Arpa innovations, Tuet, the first Deep Surface presented by the company, and Rorà finish come together in exhibition design, enhancing the space through an original and minimal style. The choice was to combine two dark surfaces, Tuet in the Caravella Dark version and Rorà in Smili Black, to create the right contrast with the exhibits.

In particular, Tuet – applied to the walls and central displays – enriches the play of contrasts thanks to the ribbed surface’s light and dark. At the same time, recalling the chiselling typical of Piedmontese stone, Rorà is applied to the displays both horizontally and vertically, and gives an artisanal taste to the gallery design. The result is a space of refined simplicity, where the natural essence of Tuet’s wood décor embraces the craftmanship of rough stone evoked by Rorà.

Decors used in the project